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The Riptide Network is an American based community that specializes in delivering a high quality, unique twist on modern gamemodes. Currently we feature Skyblock, Infinite Parkour, & SMP survival, with much more planned in the near future. We are absolutely dedicated to giving you the best, and most incredible minecraft experience you can imagine!

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IP: riptide-mc.network
Bedrock port: 25700





A similar concept to vanilla survival, but taken to the extreme with the addition of custom worldgen for the Overworld, Nether, and End, along with the new "Sanctum" Dimension. Combine that with new custom items like ruby weapons, backpacks, and furniture for a server that feels modded, but only requires a resourcepack




You start out on an island in the middle of the sky with a lava bucket, and water. Its up to you to decide what to do with your island. You can turn it into a farm, a castle, or a nice house for you and your friends. 

Can you build up your island and conquer the sky on riptide skyblock? There's only one way to know.